Commit One Year to Becoming Your True Self

Join Cardia’s True-Self Group to embrace transformation in your soul.

TSG provides teaching, and a monthly, intensive emotional and spiritual processing group. The goal of TSG is to discover, reveal, and practice being your True Self in this safe and focused environment. This group is designed for the leader who needs peers to both understand the demands and provide the challenge to do this work at a level that the people you serve could not provide. Pedagogy includes practical training in how to increase capacity to know yourself and God through Immanuel prayer, neuroscience applied to healing and leadership, and exercises to let go of the False Self and embrace the True Self.

Each month every TSG member is paired with a homework partner and assigned reading to increase community, vulnerability and encourage each other to grow.  Spouses join us for a kick-off dinner in September, and a marriage retreat day in January.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (TBD) or Chicago, IL, USA (TBD)

Commitment:Group meets one Friday per month for one year Sept. 2015 to Sept. 2016 from 8AM to 5PM. Plus one hour of skype coaching each month with Juliana Wilhelm.  Additional coaching available for additional cost.


Cost: $9,600 (USD) Additional coaching available

Application fee: $500 (USD), due at time of acceptance

Balance: due monthly

Applications due August 1, 2015

Program is contingent on 10 participants.