Dream Group Therapy


Learn how to gather wisdom from your dreams.

How may God being guiding you through dreams? If you have ever wondered about the meaning and purpose dreams could create in your life, this is a group for you.  If you have ever been troubled by a recurring dream or painful dream, this is a group for you.

  • Learn both group and personal processes for exploring dreams
  • Find meaning in the symbols and metaphors that reveal themselves in your dreams
  • Create ways to internalize these experiences, using art therapy, aromatherapy and expressive therapy.
When: TBA: Contact Juliana Wilhelm at cardiacounseling@gmail.com
Where: Cardia Counseling Center, 24w146 Saint Charles Road, Wheaton, IL
Cost: $70/weekly session. Most insurance plans cover group therapy.
Contact: Juliana Wilhelm at Cardia Counseling Center, 630-272-2313, cardiacounseling@sbcglobal.net, or cardiacounseling.com to reserve your place in this upcoming group.
About: Each group has limited space. If you are interested, but the times and dates do not work for you, please contact us with your desire to join a group. We will be forming other groups in the near future and will work to accommodate your schedule.