Our Christian Distinctives


tunnelOur counselors are trained to incorporate Christian healing principles into traditional talk therapy.  We use the best creative psychology to help people understand their history and wounds and how these affect the way they relate to others today.  And when clients request it, a therapist will use prayer to facilitate emotional/spiritual healing.  We call this “therapeutic prayer.”

The main focus of this style of prayer is to facilitate the clients’ ability to enter God’s healing presence.  This is a form of  listening prayer. The counselor acts as teacher and facilitator, creating opportunities in session for the clients to address the issues that prevent them from experiencing meaningful and intimate relationships.

Our experience has indicated that when clients learn the art of listening prayer and practice it in their personal lives, they move from a place of maintaining health by means of constant vigilance to staying healthy by receiving God’s healing presence.  We have found that this leads to a deeper and more profound healing as well as a release from dysfunctional patterns and feelings.

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